Alaia BaldwinFirst Public Appearance

Alaia Baldwin’s First Public Appearance After Assault Arrest Sparks Controversy

Ever since Alaia Baldwin was arrested, it’s been a rough week for the Baldwin family. The event that led to her going to jail after a claimed fight in a pub has been in the news for days, both because of the famous people involved and because of how strange the fight was.

Alaia has been seen in public for the first time since that crazy night when she got back home. She was seen walking around Los Angeles with her family, wearing a coat and comfortable shoes. She was probably taking some time to think about the tough days that had been happening.

Alaia Baldwin Spotted With Her Husband And Daughter After Her Arrest

Alaia BaldwinFirst Public Appearance

Alaia Baldwin has been seen for the first time since the news of her arrest a few days ago.

People saw her walking around Los Angeles with her husband, Andrew Aronow, and their three-year-old daughter, Iris. They kept a low profile by covering their heads and wearing coats that were too big on them. It was clear that they were just going on a casual family outing.

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The influencer hasn’t said anything about the story that started when it came out that she had been arrested after a bad night out with friends, but she looks like she’s currently spending time with her family.

A few days before she was arrested, her father posted a mysterious message asking for “a little prayer” for Hailey Bieber, Alaia’s sister. This caused a lot of talk and worry about the Baldwin family as a whole.

Why Was Alaia Baldwin Arrested?

Alaia BaldwinFirst Public Appearance

The thing that happened that got Alaia Baldwin arrested is strange. She is being charged with simple assault, simple battery, battery, and criminal trespass. These charges sound serious, but the facts of what happened are much stranger.

A bartender who was there when Alaia was taken to jail and is said to have been one of the victims recently talked about what happened. The trouble started when the influencer and her friends broke into the bathroom that was only for workers. The bartender then went over to tell them to leave, which made things worse very quickly.

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“Her friends asked her to wait, and she said, ‘I need to change my tampon,'” the bartender said. Things got pretty bad after that. “After that, she stayed in the bathroom. When I told her again that she had to go, she asked, “Do you want to see me change my tampon?” And throws it at me, hitting me in the face.”

After that, the bartender left the scene and called security to get Alaia and her friends out of there. At that point, the situation reportedly got worse; she is said to have struck two of the guards, hitting them and even ripping out “a clump” of one of their hair.

There was hair on [Alaia Baldwin’s] hand! “She was going crazy,” the bartender remembered. She said that what happened was “gross” and that Alaia “should know better.”

Alaia Baldwin is said to have told the police that she was “defending herself,” but she hasn’t said anything publicly about it yet.

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