Alex Rider Season 3

Alex Rider Season 3: Plot, Cast and Everything We Know so Far!

Alex Rider last aired in 2021, and though it’s taken its time, Alex Rider season 3 is coming. Based on an Anthony Horowitz novel series, Alex Rider is an Amazon FreeVee series. The plot of the show centers on Otto Farrant’s character, Alex Rider, a teenage recruit from London who is chosen by MI6’s Department of Special Operations.

His mission is to sneak into a reform school that the ultra-wealthy send their misbehaving kids to. In the first season, Alex succeeds in exposing a clone conspiracy; in the second, the plot spreads outside the school, forcing Alex to flee from his group.

Alex Rider, which has received praise for its original perspective on the English spy world through the eyes of a young person, has an overall Rotten Tomatoes score of 86%. The Alex Rider novel series presently contains 14 volumes, and since each season has its novel, there is still a ton of unfinished business. The well-known individuals from Alex Rider season 3 might delve even further into the stories involving Alex and MI6.

Alex Rider Season 3 Confirmed

Alex Rider Season 3

A little less than a year after the season 2 end, Alex Rider season 3 was officially confirmed in August 2022 (via Midgard Times). Season 3 filming concluded up in March 2023, having started in October 2022 (KFTV). (via Midgard Times).

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Alex Rider Season 3 Story Details

Alex Rider Season 3

With Yassen’s hint to Alex to “find Widow, find SCORPIO” and the new characters in Alex Rider season 3 all appearing to be connected to the mysterious Scorpia organization, it’s practically a given that season 3 will represent the events of the fifth novel in the series, Scorpia. In the book, Alex searches for the criminal group to discover the truth about his father’s absence.

There, Alex is hired by Julia Rothman to work as an assassin for the syndicate, and she gives him the mission of killing Mrs. Jones, his previous handler. After seeing how dangerous Scorpia is on a global scale, Alex surreptitiously realigns himself with MI6.

The fact that the third season of Alex Rider was filmed in Malta may provide additional insight into the plot, especially with the arrival of the new threat. The primary nemesis in season 3 appears to be Scorpia, and there are a lot of parallels between Alex Rider and the Bond film series, as the wicked guys frequently have hideouts and outposts in picturesque locations. The syndicate may establish its headquarters on Malta’s Mediterranean coast. The third season of Alex Ryder might be the first to mostly take place outside of the United Kingdom.

Alex Rider Season 3 Cast

Alex Rider Season 3

The cast of Alex Rider season 3 mostly returns from season 2, except for a few notable characters who did not survive the events of season 2. Otto Farrant, who plays Alex Rider, and the following cast members are anticipated to return in season three:


Alex Rider Role

Stephen Dillane

Alan Blunt

Vicky McClure

Mrs. Jones

Brenock O’Connor

Tom Harris

Ronke Adékoluejo

Jack Starbright

Charithra Chandran

Sabina Pleasance

Thomas Levin

Yassen Gregorovitch

Marli Siu

Kyra Vashenko-Chao

Ace Bhatti

John Crawley

Where to Watch Alex Rider Season 3?

Amazon Freevee will air Season Three, which will conclude this chapter of Alex’s voyage of self-discovery in a shocking manner.


“Alex Rider” returns for its highly anticipated third season, set to unravel new mysteries and adventures. Following its success, the show continues to captivate audiences with its unique take on the English spy world. With filming wrapped up in March 2023, fans eagerly await the next installment, poised to delve deeper into Alex’s journey. Watch the action unfold exclusively on Amazon Freevee.

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