American Rust Season 2

American Rust Season 2 Release Date & Cast Revealed!

The American crime drama series American Rust, helmed by Dan Futterman, is an adaptation of Philipp Meyer’s novel of the same name. The series debuted on Showtime on September 12, 2021. Showtime discontinued the one-season series in January 2022. Amazon Freevee renewed the series for a second season in June 2022.

The series has an approval rating of 33% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is comprised of 21 critic evaluations with an average score of 3.8/10. It is unknown what modifications will be made to the second season of American Rust; however, it is evident that more to the plot merits investigation.

American Rust Season 2: When It Will Be Released?

American Rust Season 2

After delays caused by the Hollywood strikes of 2023, the latest updates see a release date for American Rust season 2 finally announced. The revived second season of American Rust: Broken Justice, now known by its complete title, is scheduled to premiere on March 28, 2024, on the ad-supported tier of Prime Video.

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American Rust Season 2: What Will Be the Storyline?

American Rust Season 2

Season one of American Rust reached the limits of Philipp Meyer’s novel, but it was evident from the concluding episode that some storylines were intended to continue. Season two of American Rust will need to confront the consequences of Del’s self-defense-motivated triple homicide and Deputy Park’s growing suspicion of him. In season two of American Rust, Park is expected to assume a more prominent role as the suspicious officer who follows the individual he suspects is responsible for the murders.

In addition, season two of American Rust must address Grace’s peculiar decision to torch her own home to be nearer to Del and her unsuccessful unionization attempt at the mill. In the interim, the erroneously convicted Edgar Allan Poe was subjected to a coma-inducing assault while incarcerated; season 2 will inevitably address the character’s fate. Additionally, it is anticipated that Del will investigate a series of homicides in season two, which may indicate a larger violent conspiracy.

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American Rust Season 2: Who Could Be in It?

American Rust Season 2

Although Showtime canceled the series American Rust, a significant portion of the cast will reprise their roles in American Rust: Broken Justice. Jeff Daniels will reprise his role as Del Harri’s Chief.

The following additional ensemble members return from season 1:


American Rust Role

Rob Yang

Deputy Steve Park

David Alvarez

Isaac English

Bill Camp

Henry English

Julio Mayorga

Lee English

Alex Neustaedter

Billy Poe

Mark Pellegrino

Virgil Poe


“American Rust,” the crime drama series adapted from Philipp Meyer’s novel, endured a rollercoaster journey from cancellation to renewal. With a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 33%, it’s set for a second season titled “American Rust: Broken Justice,” premiering March 28, 2024, on Amazon Freevee. Expect unresolved plotlines and new twists.

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