A Video of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Private Girlfriend” Leading a Workout Shocked Fans!

Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t talk much about his love life these days. Fans do know some things about his girlfriend, physical therapist Heather Milligan, though.

Here is some footage that fans never thought they’d see that will give you a better idea of their relationship. There is a film on ET Online of the two training together, with Milligan leading the way. We’re going to look at what happened and how Arnold felt about his girlfriend working out.

The way they met will also be revealed, and Arnold’s talk with Howard Stern will be the center of attention. Arnold talked about how he feels about his body right now during the chat.

Heather Milligan Helped Repair Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Shoulder As His Physical Therapist


Could Arnold be letting someone else lead a workout? It’s not possible… It’s true, and it has been for a long time. Arnold was told to see Heather Milligan, a physical therapist, because he had some nagging injuries. Not only did she help Arnold get better with his bad shoulder, but it also lead to them dating.

ET shared video of Heather Milligan working out Arnold. Arnold had been in charge of that area for decades, so seeing him follow someone else’s lead was pretty strange. Still, Arnold says Heather changed the way he thought about training totally. Schwarzenegger stated that he was training too much, which was hurting him all the time.

You should watch the workout video. Arnold had fun with the wall sits and showed Heather how good his quads still look.

Arnold’s workout style has changed over the years, but he still has a great time at the gym, and Heather is a big reason for that.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Admires His Girlfriend’s Drive And Dedication

Arnold talked to People about his girlfriend Heather Milligan. One thing Arnold loves most about his partner is how driven she is. “There are lots of things we share. I like her. I love that she wants to work. She’s independent. “She’s driven.”

How did the friendship start, then? It all began after Arnold had surgery on his shoulder in 2012. Before he was in an action movie with Sylvester Stallone, the actor asked his doctor for the name of a rehab expert. Heather stepped into the picture at that point.

“I said, ‘I got to go do this movie, and I bring a lot of punches and I have fights with Sly and I want to have my act together.'”

‘There’s only one person, it’s Heather. I always send athletes to her because she’s the only one who really gets it,'” So I went to see her. When I was done with therapy and the movie, I called her and took her to lunch to say thank you. Then one thing led to another.”

It’s clear that they get along, and Arnold seems happy with his relationship right now.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Admits His Body Went Through Some Tough Changes As He Got Older


Arnold has to deal with the hard truth of getting older. When Schwarzenegger told Howard Stern that he looked in the mirror today, his fans were very sad. Arnold says it’s hard to look at himself now knowing how he looked when he was younger.

“I kind of smile because every day I do look in a mirror and say, ‘Yep, you suck,'” the 76-year-old man tells Stern. Check out this body. Look at those ghostly muscles that used to be strong, hard, and full of life. These people are just standing there now. What the hell is going on here?”

Arnold went on to tell Howard that the change is especially hard for him because of how fit he was in his younger years.

“It’s one thing to get older and less fit, but most people have never been fit.” What does it mean to be out of shape?” He told her.

Schwarzenegger went on, “When you’ve been praised for years as having the perfect body, and you have the definition and can see the veins running down your abs and on top of your chest, and then… you turn the clock back 50 years and no longer see that,”

“When I was 30 or 40 years old, I never, ever thought that this would happen.” “It just stinks,” he said.

Arnold is clearly doing everything he can to slow down the aging process since he is still working out regularly after all these years.

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