This Weird Personal Habit Of Cillian Murphy Confused Fans!

Leading the ensemble cast of the 2023 summer smash hit, Oppenheimer did a lot for Irish actor Cillian Murphy. Not only did it make him famous, but it also showed how out of touch and shy he was. Also, Cillian Murphy is one of Christopher Nolen’s favorite stars to work with, but his personal life is very private.

It wasn’t a surprise to many people who knew him from his supporting parts over the years and his brilliant work as Thomas Shelby in Peaky Blinders that Cillian Murphy is very quiet. The character from “Red Eye” doesn’t talk about himself very often, and when he does, it’s always something strange. People are always interested when he talks about a personal habit.

It’s important to Cillian Murphy to keep his life and technology simple. He not only has black wallpaper, but he also doesn’t get any alerts. Like always, this has people reacting. Murphy knows what a meme is now, but that won’t change the fact that he still wants to keep his life quiet.

Fans Were Unsure What To Think About Cillian Murphy’s Phone Habit


Because he is a nihilist minimalist, Cillian Murphy likes to keep things easy. The wallpaper on his phone is all black.
Fans were shocked when Cillian Murphy did things like act like he didn’t know what a joke was (“Peaky Blinders“). But some of his fans were even more confused but also felt a little better when he talked about a personal hobby and something he’s into right now.

In an interview with Josh Horowitz on Happy, Sad, or Confused, Murphy was asked what his wallpaper was. He responded, “Recently, I’d gone minimalist black.” I took off everything. Everything is black, even the apps. It’s just black, not some stupid, childish color like the Apple iPhone. Just like a nihilist. Less pessimism is not the answer; more minimalism is. A huge number of alerts were turned off. It’s just a black dot.”

For someone as shy as Cillian Murphy, this is nothing. But Murphy’s reveal made fans happy because they saw that he is still himself, even though he is more famous now.

Someone said: “I love how he says ‘black’ with so much emotional emphasis.”

One more fan said that Murphy stayed true to himself. It makes me happy that he’s willing to answer this kind of question. I thought he might look back at the reporter with a sad face. Cillian is known to make a disappointing face (even accidentally) when asked unrelated questions. That’s where the joke “the disappointing Cillian Murphy” came from.

Someone else who liked Murphy also said, “Well, that’s one sign that you know someone is very calm and happy.”

“I feel like he just says these things, so he doesn’t have to show people or talk about things he thinks are stupid – and I love him for it.”

No matter how people see it, Cillian Murphy constantly being anti-tech savvy or refraining from interacting with the public beyond the necessary will always be a draw. This quality makes him interesting and that he can be so honest about it even makes him more relatable.

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Cillian Murphy Knows What A Meme Is Now


Everyone loved “The Disappointed Cillian Murphy” meme, but the star had no idea what a meme was before…
Cillian Murphy didn’t even know what a meme was at one point, let alone that he was being used on the internet as a meme (the unhappy Cillian Murphy meme).

After years of becoming famous all over the world, the Oppenheimer star now knows what a joke is.

Cillian Murphy told Margot Robbie in Variety’s “Actors on Actors” interview that he knows he’s a meme. Robbie told Murphy that he had the best memes.

“Being a fan of yours, I’ve watched many of your YouTube videos, and it’s clear that you don’t know much about memes and other things like that.” To begin with, is that true?” Margot Robbie poked her.

“I have two teenagers.” I understand what a myth is. Some memes make fun of the fact that I don’t know what a meme is, so I told them.

“I love this joke. There are a lot of jokes like “Inception.” “A meme inside a meme,” Margot joked.

“To be honest, I didn’t know at the time. People forget that was a long time ago, though… Now that it’s turned into a joke that feeds on itself, I know. But mostly because someone sent it to me or showed it to me and said, “Look, you have to look at this.””

Margot Robbie laughed when Cillian Murphy showed that he was an introvert. He still didn’t get the whole point of a joke, though.

The actor has come a long way since his days as a private man who lived under a rock. This is mostly because he likes to keep his personal life and work life separate.

Fans were happy that the star knew how much of an impact he had on pop culture. He doesn’t want to keep up with what’s going on in social media, which is fun to watch and follow.

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Cillian Murphy’s Quiet Life Has To Do With His Family


Because he doesn’t want the Hollywood way of life to affect his family, Cillian Murphy keeps his family out of the press.
The people, celebrities, and the media all seem to be crazy about Cillian Murphy, but he doesn’t want to share himself with everyone. For someone who is in movies and TV shows that do well at the box office and with critics, Cillian Murphy and his wife Yvonne McGuiness would rather live a quiet life.

At home in Ireland, where they raise their two kids, Malachy and Aran Murphy, they spend a lot of time alone.

The Irish actor has talked more than once about why he keeps his personal life separate from his work life.

Murphy said that he only takes jobs that give him time to spend with his family. It’s because Cillian Murphy loves his wife and kids very much that he tries to keep his sons Malachy and Aran out of the press.

His desire to keep his family life out of the public eye was another reason he chose to move back to Ireland from London. And even though playing the important part of J. Robert Oppenheimer in Dunkirk has earned him more praise, the actor knows that his family is what keeps him grounded.

“You need some alone time and a break. During these times, I try to stay close to my family by calling them. He said, “I think that helps me a lot.”

As a man who doesn’t care about many things and likes to keep things simple, he sees a good life as doing the bare minimum for things like phone apps and wallpaper, keeping his family out of the press, and generally keeping to himself.

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