Dune-3 in works after sequel's million opening weekend despite kylie timothees breakup

Despite Kylie And Timothee’s Alleged Breakup, ‘Dune 3’ Already In Production After $82.5 Million Opening Weekend!

As expected, Dune: Part 3 is already being made, which is not a surprise considering how well the second movie did in its first week.

While it was opening in North America over the weekend, the second movie in Denis Villeneuve’s series did very well, earning an estimated $81.5 million.

This is twice as much money as the previous week’s earnings, and it’s the best start to the year so far. Even though Warner Bros. tried to calm people’s excitement over the weekend by saying that Dune 2 might open between $72 million and $75 million, the movie did much better than expected.

Dune: Part 3 Appears To Already Have Been Greenlit

Based on Frank Herbert’s famous science fiction books, the Dune franchise takes place in a politically charged world between stars in the far future. It’s about how different royal houses fight for control of Arrakis, a desert planet that holds the only source of a valuable spice called “melange” which makes people live longer and improves their abilities. Zendaya and Timothee Chalamet played the lead parts in both the first movie and its follow-up, and they’ll likely continue to do so in future movies in the series.

Recently, it was confirmed that work on the third movie in the series has already begun. This may make fans even more excited for the release of Dune: Part 2, even though they know it will take years.

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Recently, Hans Zimmer, who composed the music for Dune: Part 2, said that he is now working on the score for the next movie in the series. The Oscar-winning composer told Variety, “I’m writing because I know we will be given the go-ahead for Part Two.” Second, I think it would be good for me to keep writing and maybe give you some ideas.”

Zimmer went on, “Josh [Brolin] and I have probably two or three songs from the first movie that didn’t make it into the movie.” “And I think Josh and I need to go and do our unplugged version very soon.”

Zimmer went on to talk about how much work has gone into the third Dune movie so far: “Denis comes in on the second day of filming and puts Dune: Messiah on my desk. I know where we’re going and I know we’re not done.”

Why Fans Are Convinced That Kylie And Timothee Broke Up

Dune-3 in works after sequel's million opening weekend despite kylie timothees breakup

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Timothee Chalamet is getting a lot of attention for more than just the fact that he’s likely to play the same character in a third movie. During the promotion for Dune: Part 2, he is said to have broken up with Kylie Jenner. Fans think that the two’s recent actions on social media and public outings prove they’re no longer together, at least for now.

Given how important the part is to Timothee’s career, the fact that Kylie hasn’t made any posts backing Dune: Part 2 is also telling.

It was said that Timothee was having a hard time keeping up with the makeup mogul’s fancy lifestyle and all the attention on their relationship. Also, an article from earlier this year said Kylie has strict rules for Timothee and gets jealous over his past relationships. These claims have only added to rumors that the young pair is taking a break from their relationship.

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