Interview With the Vampire Season 2

Interview With the Vampire’ Season 2 Release Date Revealed!

The American gothic horror television series Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire, or simply Interview with the Vampire, was conceived by Rolin Jones for AMC. It is based on the 1976 novel of the same name and incorporates elements from The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice.

In his book Interview with the Vampire, vampire Louis de Pointe du Lac recounted his life narrative to seasoned journalist Daniel Molloy. In 1973, Louis had previously provided Molloy with an unpublished interview. The average rating on the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes was 8.1/10, which corresponds to a 98% approval rating derived from 80 critic reviews. This article aims to provide the most recent developments regarding the Season 2 release date, shedding light on the anticipated reunion of beloved immortal characters.

‘Interview With the Vampire’ Season 2 Release Date

As rated by Rotten Tomatoes, Interview with the Vampire stands as the preeminent horror series of 2022 and is positioned among the year’s top new television programs and shows. The premiere of Season 2 of Interview With the Vampire on AMC and AMC+ occurs on Sunday, May 12th.

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‘Interview With the Vampire’ Season 2 Plot

Interview With the Vampire Season 2

The Vampire Chronicles consists of thirteen books; however, the television series continues to be grounded in the exposition of the initial book, Interview With the Vampire. Those who have already read the book know that Louis and Claudia will soon be in Paris for the Théatre des Vampires, where they will encounter Armand, Santiago, and other characters. In contrast, Lestat is likely to require a considerable duration of recovery time after the assassination attempts that Louis and Claudia made against him.

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‘Interview With the Vampire’ Season 2 Cast

Interview With the Vampire Season 2

Anderson will reprise his role as Louis de Pointe du Lac, while Sam Reid will reprise his role as terrifying adversary Lestat de Lioncourt. Presently, Erik Bogosian will reprise his role as writer Daniel Molloy, while Assad Zaman will portray Rashid, who is now identified as Armand.

Who Are the Additional Cast Members?

Delainey Hayles will succeed Bailey Bass. In season one, Bass portrayed the juvenile vampire Claudia. The reason for Bass’s rumored departure from the program in March 2023 remained undisclosed.

“Unexpected circumstances have prevented me from returning for the second season of Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire,” she said in a statement. “Becoming Claudia has been an outrageous ride and a dream role.” I wish Delainey the best of luck as she assumes leadership. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to observe it. AMC, the directors, Jacob, Sam, the crew, and, of course, the devoted admirers, deserve tremendous gratitude.

In the upcoming season, David Costabile will portray Leonard, a “seasoned television personality.” Roxane Duran and Bally Gill will both portray Madeleine and Real Rashid, respectively. Ben Daniels, who will portray Santiago, a member of the Théatre des Vampires, will also appear in the film.

Where to watch Interview with the Vampire Season?

At this time, Hoopla, DIRECTV, and Spectrum On Demand all offer Interview with the Vampire. On Amazon Prime Video, Interview with the Vampire is available to access at no cost.


AMC’s “Interview with the Vampire,” based on Anne Rice’s iconic novel, captivates audiences with its gothic horror narrative. Season 2, premiering on May 12th, continues Louis and Claudia’s journey in Paris while Lestat recuperates. With returning stars like Anderson and new cast additions, fans anticipate another enthralling chapter in the vampire saga.

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