Is Andrew Scott Married

Andrew Scott’s Relationship Status Revealed: Single or Secretly Hitched?

Andrew Scott, the Irish actor renowned for his captivating performances on stage and screen, has garnered a legion of admirers worldwide. Known for his mesmerizing portrayal of characters like Moriarty in “Sherlock” and the Hot Priest in “Fleabag,” Scott’s personal life remains a subject of fascination among fans. In this article, we delve into the intriguing question: Is Andrew Scott married? Join us as we explore the enigmatic love life of this talented actor, uncovering the mysteries surrounding his relationship status and romantic endeavors.

Is Andrew Scott Married?

Is Andrew Scott Married

Andrew maintains a strictly private life; however, it is believed that he is single at present, he is not married, having separated from writer Stephen Beresford, his long-term companion, in 2019.

Is Andrew Scott Gay?

Andrew Scott, a television personality, has stated that the term “openly gay” “implies a defiance I do not feel.”

The Irish actor, whose roles in Fleabag include “The Hot Priest” and “Sherlock.”, is of the opinion that the term does not accurately describe him.

“At a party, you are never described as openly homosexual,” he told British GQ Magazine.

“‘This is my openly gay friend Darren’… [or] ‘She’s openly Irish’,” he continued.

In series two of Fleabag, Scott portrayed the forbidden love interest of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s character and stated that his sexual orientation had no bearing on his ability to perform the role.

“Sexuality is not exactly something that can be cultivated,” added Scott, who rose to international acclaim for his role as the evil magnate Jim Moriarty in Sherlock, opposite Benedict Cumberbatch.

“That does not qualify as a talent.” Your faith in the relationship is my responsibility.”

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Analysis by Ben Hunte, LGBT Correspondent

Is Andrew Scott Married

Andrew Scott is among the many homosexual men and women who share his sentiments regarding the term “openly gay.” Presently, an increasing number of homosexual and LGBT individuals are content to be less outspoken about their identity rather than allowing their sexual orientation or gender to define them.

The notion of being ‘openly homosexual’ is predicated on the stereotype that sexual orientation is concealed and concealed. For many generations, this was the daily reality of LGBT individuals, but times are now changing.

A sentiment of optimism exists within the community that as LGBT lifestyles become more accepted and commonplace, the necessity for individuals to “come out” will diminish to the extent that it becomes superfluous. Undoubtedly, this remains an individual decision.

Additionally, there exists a genuine concern that individuals who identify as lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, or transgender should not be compelled to advocate for their rights as activists solely on the basis of their sexual orientation.

Over the weekend, forty-two-year-old Scott and its writer and protagonist were observed distributing beverages to theatergoers in the vicinity of the London stage production of the popular BBC Three series.

He further expressed his profound passion for the performing arts, having recently concluded a run of The Old Vic’s Noel Coward’s Present Laughter.

“One guides oneself.” “Of course, there is a director, but if you feel that the audience is beginning to cough, you must think, ‘Well, it’s my responsibility to get them back.'”

Scott was recently awarded the GQ Men of the Year 2019 Award for Outstanding Performance.


Andrew Scott, the celebrated Irish actor known for his dynamic roles, keeps his personal life private. It’s believed he’s currently single after separating from long-term partner Stephen Beresford in 2019. Regarding his sexuality, Scott rejects the label of “openly gay,” emphasizing that it doesn’t define his acting prowess.


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