Is Si King Married

Is Si King Married? A Closer Look at His Personal Life!

Simon James King (born 20 October 1966) is an English television presenter best recognized by the late Dave Myers as one half of the Hairy Bikers. They have collaborated on several BBC television cookery series and founded “The Hairy Bikers Diet Club,” an online weight loss program.

In this article, we delve into the question: Is Si King married? Join us to uncover the truth behind the beloved chef’s romantic life.

Is Si King Married?

Is Si King Married

Twenty-seven years before this, King was wed to his ex-wife, Jane King.

During their marriage, the couple had three sons: Alex, James, and Dylan. However, the couple divorced in 2016, with King acknowledging that the demands of his fame had left their relationship “shattered.”

In 2016, he stated to the Weekend magazine of the Daily Mail, “We lost each other. I was preoccupied with business, while Jane was occupied with her family.

“In practice, the industry in which we operate is extremely demanding; there are strict time constraints and deadlines.”

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“Your form must be impeccable. Some individuals can do it. “I find it to be extremely challenging.” The former couple had separated but not yet divorced at the time.

After separating from Jane, King rekindled his romantic interest in Michele Cranston, an Australian writer and culinary stylist. Despite becoming engaged in 2019, the couple’s engagement lasted until 2021.

During their time together, King had been candid about the difficulty of Cranston’s long-distance relationship from the United Kingdom to Sydney, where she resided. In 2018, he told Mail Online, “It has been a lengthy voyage.

“If you’re going to fall in love, don’t fall in love with someone in Australia!”

Do They Have Kids?

Is Si King Married

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Si resides in a charming neighborhood near the bustling city of Newcastle, where he shares his home with his loving wife and their three adorable children.

This tight-knit family enjoys spending quality time together, creating cherished memories in their cozy abode nestled amidst the scenic landscapes of Newcastle.


Simon James King, of the famous Hairy Bikers duo, has had a tumultuous romantic journey. After a 27-year marriage to ex-wife Jane King, they divorced in 2016, citing the strains of fame. Simon then engaged with Michele Cranston, but their long-distance relationship proved challenging. However, Si now enjoys family life with his three children in Newcastle.

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