Joseline Hernandez Net Worth

Joseline Hernandez Net Worth: From Struggle to Success!

Joseline Hernandez is an actress, rapper, and reality TV star from Puerto Rico. It is mostly known that she was in the first six seasons of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta on VH1 and the spin-off Stevie J & Joseline: Go Hollywood with Stevie J. As fans follow his career trajectory, one burning question often arises: what is Jonathan Davino’s net worth? In this exploration, we delve into the financial dimension of Davino’s success, uncovering the figures behind his thriving career.

Joseline Hernandez Net Worth

Joseline Hernandez Net Worth

Joseline Hernandez, known for her fiery persona and appearances on reality TV shows like “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” boasts a net worth of $300,000. As a multifaceted entertainer, she’s diversified her income through music, television, and entrepreneurial ventures, solidifying her status in the entertainment industry.

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Early Life

On November 3, 1986, Joseline Hernandez was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. She relocated to Florida with her mother Carmen, five siblings, and stepfather Luis when she was six years old. A drug overdose claimed the life of her biological father before the family’s relocation to Florida. Hernandez began her career as a stripper at the age of sixteen, going under the name Sheneliica Bettencourt, to help her impoverished family and provide for her younger siblings.


Joseline Hernandez Net Worth

Stevie J caught Hernandez when she was stripping at Atlanta’s Onyx Club. In 2012, she joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s inaugural season. She was the new singer for Stevie J. Naturally, it was also made public that Stevie J and Joseline were romantically linked, which upset Mimi Faust, another cast member of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and Stevie’s girlfriend. The central plot of the VH1 reality TV program revolved around a romantic triangle involving these three individuals. Hernandez spent six seasons as an appearance on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. The show’s Atlanta adaptation is among VH1’s highest-rated programs.

Hernandez made several dancehall and reggaeton-influenced tunes throughout her Love & Hip Hop Atlanta appearances. Stevie J & Joseline: Go Hollywood, Hernandez’s spin-off series, featuring the two of them in 2016. The following year, she starred in Joseline’s Special Delivery, her television special that chronicled the birth of her kid with Stevie J.

Hernandez left Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta on June 1, 2017, during the sixth season reunion filming, due to growing hostility with the show’s producers and creator, Mona Scott-Young.

News of Hernandez’s involvement with and filming for a new reality show, Joseline Takes Miami, surfaced in January 2018. It was reported on March 4, 2019, that the network was demanding reshoots for Joseline Takes Miami due to production issues. The project was never broadcast on television.

Joseline agreed to develop, produce, and star in her line of reality shows when she secured a streaming deal in October 2019. On January 19, 2020, Joseline’s Cabaret: Miami made its debut. Joseline started casting for Joseline’s Cabaret’s second season in May 2020.

Joseline made a comeback to the Love & Hip Hop series in December 2019, joining the cast of Love & Hip Hop: Miami for the show’s third season, which debuted in early January 2020.

Joseline and her partner Balistic Beats participated in Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition in February 2020. In front of their fellow Marriage Boot Camp cast members, Beats proposed to Hernandez at the show’s April 9 season finale.

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Real Estate

Joseline Hernandez Net Worth

The upscale Miami apartment building Hernandez leases from filed a lawsuit against her in 2019 for unpaid rent. The reality personality was sued by her landlord, Beach Place Apartments, for not paying the $2,056 monthly rent on her two-bedroom unit. According to Beach Place Apartments, she ignored a notification that was put outside her flat door requesting payment of the rent. She owed her landlord’s legal fees in addition to $2,375. Hernandez’s landlord reportedly decided not to pursue legal action against the reality star. Hernandez’s landlords decided to abandon the action because she had not yet responded to it in court.


Joseline Hernandez, a Puerto Rican actress, rapper, and reality TV star, gained fame through VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” and its spin-off. With a net worth of $300,000, she’s carved a successful career in music and television. However, legal issues arose regarding unpaid rent for her Miami apartment in 2019.

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