Ontario Staycation Tax Credit 2024

Ontario Staycation Tax Credit 2024

Ontario Staycation Tax Credit 2024: The Ontario Staycation Tax Credit, launched in 2022, was a provincial initiative aimed at revitalizing the tourism and hospitality sectors while encouraging Ontarians to explore their own backyard. This guide delves deeper into this program, providing crucial information for residents seeking to claim their share.

Understanding the Benefits:

  • Tax Relief: The program offered a 20% rebate on eligible 2022 accommodation expenses, with a maximum claim of $200 per individual and $400 for families including spouses or eligible children. This meant a potential tax reduction of up to $200 for individuals and $400 for families.
  • Boosting Tourism: The credit aimed to stimulate domestic travel, benefitting hotels, resorts, campgrounds, and other short-term accommodation providers across Ontario. It encouraged residents to discover the beauty and diversity within the province, contributing to economic recovery.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Ontario Residency: Only residents of Ontario on December 31, 2022, were eligible to claim the credit.
  • Eligible Expenses: The credit applied solely to leisure stays between January 1, 2022, and December 31, 2022. Accommodation costs at hotels, motels, lodges, cottages, campgrounds, resorts, and vacation rentals (excluding timeshare agreements) qualified if paid by the claimant, spouse, or eligible children. The receipts had to be issued by a GST/HST-registered supplier and clearly state the location, date of stay, payer’s name, GST/HST paid, and the specific amount considered as the accommodation portion of the expense.
  • Claiming Process: The Staycation Tax Credit was claimed through the personal income tax and benefit return for 2022. It was a refundable credit, meaning eligible individuals received the tax relief even if they owed no income tax.

Important Considerations:

  • Ineligible Expenses: Expenses not covered by the credit included travel costs outside of accommodation, reimbursed accommodation by employers or friends, and stays for educational or business purposes.
  • Claiming Multiple Trips: Residents could claim the credit for accommodation expenses incurred on single or multiple leisure trips within the eligible period.
  • Contacting the CRA: For any questions or clarifications regarding the Staycation Tax Credit, residents could contact the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) by phone or visit a tax center.

Beyond the Credit:

While the Staycation Tax Credit was a temporary measure for 2022, it highlights the importance of domestic tourism and its potential to drive economic growth. Ontario offers a vast array of tourist destinations, from bustling cities and charming towns to breathtaking natural landscapes. Exploring these treasures not only supports local businesses but also fosters a sense of community and appreciation for the province’s rich tapestry.

Additional Resources:

While the official Ontario Staycation Tax Credit information may no longer be readily available, consulting the Canada Revenue Agency website (https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency.html) or reputable tax resources can provide valuable information on similar tax credits or deductions related to tourism or travel expenses.


The Ontario Staycation Tax Credit served as a catalyst for Ontarians to explore their province and contribute to the revitalization of the tourism industry. Understanding the program’s benefits and claiming eligibility can help residents maximize their tax returns. As you plan future adventures within Ontario, remember the vast opportunities for exploration and the potential economic impact of supporting local businesses.

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