Sam Asghari’s Potential $500,000 Yearly Payout from Britney Spears’ Divorce!

Sam Asghari filed for divorce from Britney Spears last August after 14 months of marriage, shocking not only fans but also the pop star herself. They signed a prenuptial agreement before their wedding in 2022, but they still haven’t settled their split.

A new report says the fitness trainer may get $500,000 a year from the divorce, even though Sam has rejected claims that he wants to get more money from Britney than the prenup gives him.

Sam Is Reportedly Willing To Fight For More Money


A person told OK! Magazine that Sam would have been able to get $1 million for every two years of marriage. Sam and Britney never got to their second anniversary, but he may still get at least $500,000. He hopes to get more.

“She thinks Sam is using the ‘Mr. Britney Spears’ card to get what he wants,” the source said. “It makes her sad,” she said.

“The exact amount he wants is being kept confidential, but he’s not happy with what Britney and her team have proposed,” they went on. “Sam isn’t hurting for cash, but he’s willing to dig in and fight for the extra money he feels he deserves.”

Britney is said to be paying for Sam’s $10,000-a-month apartment since he moved out of their marital home last year while the divorce processes are still going on.

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Even though Britney is known for posting scandalous things online, like a recent video of her illegally filming while driving, the couple has been careful about what they say about their split in the media. In another case from last year, the singer got a call from the police after she posted a video of herself dancing with knives.

Sam Says He’ll Never Talk Badly About Britney


Early this month, Sam told PEOPLE about his friendship with Britney. He only had good things to say about her. He also told everyone that he has no plans to say bad things about Britney, even though rumors say she wants to write a second book about her relationship with Asghari.

“Being able to spend a long time with someone was a blessing.” “And people move on and grow apart,” the Iranian reporter told the news source.

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He went on, “I’ve always hated it when people leave a relationship after telling each other they love each other and eating food together at the same table. I never understood why people split up and then talk badly about each other.” “That is something I will never do because I had a great time and a great life. That will always be a part of my life, a chapter of my life.”

Sam told PEOPLE that he’s excited about his 30th birthday and what’s to come in the next ten years. He has previously said that he is focusing on his acting job and personal growth after his breakup with Spears.

“When I was in high school, I thought 30 was really old,” he said. However, everyone I talk to says that as they age, they enjoy life more because they have more knowledge and experiences. And I think life events are beautiful, so I’m really looking forward to being happy with that.”

Britney hasn’t said anything about what Sam said about their marriage or the split that is still going on. Reports say she’s still dating one of her ex-employees, even though he has a criminal record, so it’s clear she’s ready to move on.

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