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Somebody Feed Phil Season 7 Release Date & Details: Hungry for More!

Somebody Feed Phil Season 7: Philip Rosenthal travels and explores different places on the TV show Somebody Feed Phil, which debuted on Netflix on January 12, 2018.

They said they would make a third season in May 2019, and it came out on May 29, 2020. A fourth season was also made, and it came out on October 30, 2020. On May 25, 2022, the fifth season came out. The sixth season was also made, and it was filmed right after the fifth season.

It has been announced by Netflix that Somebody Feed Phil will be back for Season 7. In this article, we’ll uncover all the exciting details about the upcoming season, including the confirmed release date, the beloved cast members who will be joining Phil on his travels, and tantalizing hints about the delectable dishes and captivating destinations that await viewers in this latest installment of the hit Netflix series.

What Is the Release Date of Somebody Feed Phil Season 7?

Somebody Feed Phil, a trip documentary show on Netflix starring Phil Rosenthal, was picked up for a seventh season in January 2023. We finally know when it will come out! The well-known show will come back on March 1, 2024, all over the world.

In the next set of shows, the food lover goes to beautiful places like Kyoto, Iceland, Dubai, and more, where he learns about the culture and meets interesting people. Netflix has ordered a few more shows for this season, so fans are in for a treat. In past seasons, there were only five or six episodes, but season 7 of Somebody Feed Phil has eight.

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What Is the Plot of Somebody Feed Phil Season 7?

somebody feed phil season 7

At first, people thought Phil was a strange person. Even though he traveled a lot around the world, he never spent all his time on the beach or at local museums. Instead, he had a unique job where he learned about traditional foods from different places. He liked his job because he got paid to smile and eat in front of the camera. Phil was very charming, so he always made his meals more fun by telling funny or interesting stories. Whenever he was somewhere, he always managed to find places with great local food.

People were looking forward to seeing Phil’s travels and getting hungry as they saw him eat different foods. Phil was always open to trying new foods and was eager to share what he had learned with everyone. Some foods might not look appealing at first, but Phil thought that people just needed to get used to them. He knew that people from different countries have different tastes in dinners and snacks.

Who Is in Season 7 of “Somebody Feed Phil”?

somebody feed phil season 7

In the TV show, Phil Rosenthal played the lead role of Phil Rosenthal.

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What Are the Details and Streaming Options for Somebody Feed Phil Season 7 Episodes?

somebody feed phil season 7

Like the last season, the next one of Somebody Feed Phil will likely have 5 to 6 episodes, with each one running between 46 and 63 minutes. But the network hasn’t put out the episode names and summaries yet. This information will be shared closer to the time when the episodes are available on Netflix. Fans should wait a little while longer because the changes will be shared in a few days. In the meantime, you can watch old seasons of Phil Rosenthal to remember everything that happened.

You’ll only be able to watch Somebody Feed Phil Season 7 and the older seasons on Netflix when they come out. Netflix has different membership plans with different costs. You can watch on one screen at a time with the standard membership, which costs $9.99 a month.

You can watch on two screens at the same time if you pay $15.49 a month for the basic membership. The package you choose will determine the video quality and the number of screens. Anyone with a Netflix membership can also play games on their phone and watch movies and TV shows for free.


“Somebody Feed Phil” is returning for its seventh season on Netflix, set to premiere on March 1, 2024. Host Phil Rosenthal will explore captivating destinations like Kyoto, Iceland, and Dubai, delving into their cultures and cuisines. The upcoming season will feature eight episodes, offering viewers a delightful culinary journey. Fans can catch all the episodes exclusively on Netflix, available with various membership plans starting at $9.99 per month. Stay tuned for more details on episode names and summaries closer to the release date!

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