Taylor Swift's Singapore Performance Leaves Fans Worried About Her Health

Taylor Swift’s Singapore Performance Leaves Fans Worried About Her Health!

Taylor Swift is back to her Eras tour, which means plenty of back-to-back performances and a lot of traveling. Fans all over the world are excited to see Taylor take the stage, but she may be having trouble with her health since she went on tour again after a short break after last year’s success.

Taylor’s fans are worried about her health after her most recent show in Singapore, where the government is paying her $3 million per show because it’s helping the economy so much.

Taylor Struggled To Get Through Her Song “Delicate”

Taylor Swift's Singapore Performance Leaves Fans Worried About Her Health

Video from the event shows Taylor having a hard time singing her song “Delicate.” There were times when Taylor had to cough or clear her throat, which cut off her singing.

Many people on social media are worried about Taylor and say she needs to take some time off before she gets too tired, hurts her voice chords, or does something else that will hurt her health in the long run.

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Taylor hasn’t said anything about the worry yet. But a source says the singer’s managers have strict rules that make it very unlikely for her to get sick. “Strict rules are in place to keep her from talking to anyone outside of her “box.” “No matter what, they can’t take the chance of her getting sick,” they told Yahoo! Lifestyle.

Taylor’s Management Has Strict Rules To Prevent Her From Getting Sick

Taylor Swift's Singapore Performance Leaves Fans Worried About Her Health

“Even people who work for her, like her dancers and managers, are limited in what they can do and where they can go in their free time,” they said, adding that this is why Taylor no longer does meet and greets with fans at shows.

One of the sources also said that Taylor loves playing for her fans, but it’s not a glamorous life. “Going on a world tour might sound fun, but each day is just going from the hotel room to the venue and back again,” they explained.

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Taylor may be having a hard time because she has to travel and perform a lot. There have also been rumors that she is having problems with her boyfriend Travis Kelce. One story says Travis doesn’t agree with all the things Taylor expects of him, even though they only spent a short time together in Australia, where she was performing (and they even got in trouble with PETA).

“Travis is fine with Taylor giving him her thoughts and opinions on how to navigate such a public relationship. He really does appreciate it,” a source told Life & Style . “He’s not so happy with some of the restrictions she wants in place, though.”

A source says that one of Taylor’s rules is that she doesn’t want Travis to take pictures with other women because she’s afraid that it will lead to false stories in the media. “Travis doesn’t have to go to strip clubs anymore—that’s one of her strict rules—but Taylor also doesn’t want him to pose for pictures with female fans, mostly to avoid false news stories,” they said. “That one made him roll his eyes.”

Travis doesn’t want to play a planned media game that will make him think twice about everything he does. “That’s not his style,” the source said.

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