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The Boys Season 4 Release Date Confirmed: Here’s What to Expect!

The Boys is an Amazon Prime Video American satirical superhero television series created by Eric Kripke. Analogous to the comic book of the same name authored by Darick Robertson and Garth Ennis, the series tracks the vigilantes as they confront those in authority who misuse their superhuman abilities.

The third season has an approval rating of 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average rating of 8.05/10, based on 151 reviews. Season four of The Boys is established in the concluding scene with Homelander accepting son Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) and guiding him down a violent path. Upon its release on Amazon Prime Video, season 4 of The Boys appears to be well worth the anticipation, as the stakes are higher than ever.

The Boys Season 4: When It Will Be Released?

The Boys season 4 was renewed quickly by Prime Video in an attempt to capture the swelling popularity of their anti-hero hit. Unforeseen delays, however, caused by the Hollywood strikes of 2023, have now pushed the premiere date of the program by more than a year. More positively, the premiere of season four of The Boys has been rescheduled for June 13, 2024.

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The Boys Season 4: What Will Be the Storyline?

The Boys

In light of the season three finale, the plot of The Boys season four becomes abundantly obvious. The Boys have elevated Neuman to the position of vice president of the United States due to her ascent to that position. Following his departure from Vought, Starlight will begin working full-time for the team, whereas Butcher’s prognosis is 12–18 months as a result of his Temp-V usage.

In addition, Homelander’s peril will increase following the public’s positive reaction to his murder of a Starlight devotee. Furthermore, he will assist in the upbringing of Ryan and endeavor to assemble The Seven following the demise of Black Noir, Maeve (presumed), and Starlight’s departure.

Evidently, despite the demise of the original character, Black Noir will continue to occupy a compelling position in the upcoming season. A tweet from the Vought Industries Twitter account claiming that Black Noir’s demise was fabricated provided a tease for his plot.

Now that the demise of Black Noir has been certified, it seems likely that Vought will make an effort to obscure this information. This may establish the character’s cloning ability, which is crucial to the story’s climax.

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The Boys Season 4: Who could be in it?

The Boys

Additionally, two new Supes have been formally confirmed for the season 4 cast of The Boys. Susan Heyward, who will portray Sister Sage on Orange is the New Black; and Valorie Curry, who will embody Firecracker on The Lost Symbol. Although his exact involvement remains unknown, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s star power will undoubtedly elevate the series. Additionally, the following ensemble members are anticipated to return for the upcoming season of The Boys:


The Boys Role

Laz Alonso

Mother’s Milk

Tomer Capon


Karen Fukuhara


Chace Crawford

The Deep

Jessie T. Usher


Dominique McElligott

Queen Maeve

Colby Minifie

Ashley Barrett

Claudia Doumit

Victoria Neuman

Nathan Mitchell

Black Noir

Where to Watch the Boys Season?

The Boys,” the critically acclaimed superhero series based on the comic books by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, is available for streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.


“The Boys,” Amazon Prime Video’s satirical superhero series created by Eric Kripke, boasts a stellar approval rating of 98% on Rotten Tomatoes for its third season. Season 4, set to premiere on June 13, 2024, promises higher stakes, with new storylines and characters joining the ensemble cast led by Laz Alonso and Tomer Capon.

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