Spinning Out's Netflix Cancelation

The Inside Story of Spinning Out’s Netflix Cancelation!

As Netflix canceled Spinning Out without notice, it’s up to viewers’ interpretation of what would’ve happened after the events of the Season 1 finale. As it happens, a lot of the events in the Season 1 finale may have set up a memorable, had Season 2 been continued.

Regretfully, the show suffers from the harsh cancellation axe as Netflix’s originals continue to lose viewership, never to take up on its abandoned plots. In the last episode of the show, Kat finds out that Mitch is not the sexual predator she had thought him to be—rather, he is in love with the mature Carol.

A startling revelation revealed that Kat’s younger sister Serena had an affair with her doctor, Dr. Ethan Parker. Regrettably, this situation is similar to a real-life one involving Dr. Larry Nasser, the former US Olympic gymnastics physician.

Carol, Kat’s and Serena’s mother, handles things herself as payback so Kat may at least perfect her routine. When Carol gets to Dr. Parker’s house, she uses a baseball bat to strike him in the head. Since Kat and Justin’s story ends with them just beginning their free skate, viewers will never find out if they qualify for the Olympics, if Carol is arrested for trying to kill Dr. Parker, or if Dr. Parker is arrested in the first place.

Why Spinning Out Was Canceled

Spinning Out's Netflix Cancelation

Although Spinning Out garnered a strong fan following, it appears that Netflix was unable to justify purchasing Season 2 due to insufficient viewing. This is predicated on the streaming service’s methodology of assessing data following a month of viewing. Rotten Tomatoes gave Spinning Out a 59 percent rating, indicating that Netflix also considered the show’s negative reviews.

Nonetheless, Spinning Out received a better rating of 7.6/10 on IMDb, indicating that viewers were more interested in the film than reviewers. The drama was the subject of a Change.org petition, but given that Season 1 concluded in January 2020, it seems doubtful that the campaign would be renewed. The likelihood of Spinning Out returning is extremely unlikely because Netflix hasn’t been gracious enough to revive more current series that the site has canceled in previous years.


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