"Upload" Renewed for Fourth and Final Season by Prime Video!

“Upload” Renewed for Fourth and Final Season by Prime Video!

Prime Video has clicked “continue” on Upload. TVLine has heard that the satirical sci-fi comedy starring Robbie Amell has been picked up for a fourth season, which will be its last.

Creator, Writer, and Executive Producer Greg Daniels said in a statement, “When I first thought of Upload many years ago, I had the story arced out over four seasons. I am thrilled to make the ending that the fans deserve and that the characters and creative team have been working towards.”

The Season 3 finale of the show aired on November 10, 2023, and ended with a court win for the families of the Freeyond victims. However, as part of the settlement, all the evidence that Aleesha got from Karina’s computer about Horizen had to be kept secret. Also, both Nathans still belonged to Horizen.

"Upload" Renewed for Fourth and Final Season by Prime Video!

The business then changed its name to Betta and deleted all the illegal copies, including Nathan’s. The new partner of the Original Nathan was being looked for while the Original Nathan was being arrested. At the end, Nathan called Nora and Ingrid on video to tell them that the other one was dead, which made Nora ask, “Which one are you?!”

Ingrid pushed Backup Nathan away when he asked her to be in a relationship, but she later realized she was doing it because she was insecure and happily said yes. Also, Nathan the original was going to ask Nora to marry him in Montreal before he was taken away. And Aleesha gave Luke a kiss out of the blue while they were enjoying their successful plan to steal Karina’s laptop.

The love triangle between Nora, Nathan, Ingrid, and Backup Nathan was “getting pretty comfortable and stable,” according to showrunner Greg Daniels in a Q&A after the show ended. He also said that the ending cliffhanger “will shake things up.”

Along with Amell, Andy Allo (Chicago Fire), Kevin Bigley (Sirens), Allegra Edwards (Briarpatch), Zainab Johnson (American Koko), Owen Daniels (Space Force), Andrea Rosen (Episodes), and Josh Banday are also in the group.


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