what topher grace says about that 70s show now

Topher Grace Opens Up: Revealing His Key Criticism of That ’70s Show’s First Episodes

Topher Grace became famous on TV as Eric Forman from the comedy That ’70s Show a long time before he played with Scarlett Johansson when she was much younger in the romantic comedy In Good Company or as Eddie Brock, a.k.a. Venom, in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3. Grace had never done professional acting before getting the part on the show, so it was his first time in Hollywood.

After That ’70s Show ended in 2006, Grace’s star kept rising as she got more and more parts in movies and TV shows. He even played his famous sitcom part for a short time in the Netflix show That ’90s Show, which came after his first show. Even though Grace agreed to make this visit, it looks like he has mixed feelings about his old show. At the same time, Topher has made it clear what he thinks about the problems involving Danny Masterson, who also used to be on That ’70s Show.

Today, Topher Grace has a critical opinion about That ’70s Show. Here’s what he’s said about Danny and what other cast members think about the show now that they’re in it again.

What Topher Grace Thinks About “That ’70s Show”

what topher grace says about that 70s show now

Topher Doesn’t Think That That ’70s Show Was a Huge Success.

In Contrast to The Other Main Cast Members on That ’70s Show, Grace Quit the Show Right Before Its Eighth and Final Season. While Eric Forman May Have Been an Important Figure in The Story, He Moved to Africa to Become a Teacher After Grace Left.

Later, Grace Came Back for A Short Time and Played Eric Again in The Season End, Where He Meets Donna Played by Laura Prepon Again.

After Many Years, the Show, Like Many Other Comedies from The 1990s, Got New Fans and Old Ones Again when It Started Streaming. Many People Have Said Nice Things About that ’70s Show, but Grace Doesn’t Really Believe It Was the Best Comedy, Especially at The Start. It Was True that The Actor Talked About This on The Show Chicks in The Office in 2022.

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While the Actor Is “so Proud” of The Show and All It Has Done, Grace Also Said that The Earlier Episodes Might Not Be as Great as New Fans Think. The actor Went on To Make His Point by Comparing the First Episodes of Hit Comedies Like Friends and The Office, Which Were Still in Their Early Stages.

Grace responded, “If you Watch Some Episodes from Season One, They Weren’t that Great at The Time.” “We Had a Lot of This in The Beginning, for About Two or Three Years, Since Many of Us Had Never Been Actors Before, Including Me.”

Grace Made It Clear that He Thought Fans of That ’70s Show Who Watched Later Seasons Liked the Characters More and More, to The Point Where They Forgot how Bad the Past Shows Were. to Be Clear, He Also Said that Friends, the Office, and That ’70s Show All Had Some Bad Episodes in The Past.

Topher Has Moved On, but He Told the Truth About Danny Masterson

what topher grace says about that 70s show now

Grace Hasn’t Said Much About Masterson’s Incident.

Now, Grace Might Not Have Been on That ’70s Show for A Lot of The Last Season. but Even After the Sexual Attack Charges Against Masterson Were Made Public, the Actor’s Name Was Still Brought Up. Many People Were Especially Interested in How Grace Felt About His Former Co-Star Since They Had Worked Together for Seven Seasons in A Row.


Some Sexual Claims Against Masterson Were Made Public in 2018. Two Years Later, Grace Talked About What He Thought of The Now-Disgraced Star. If you Ask the Actor if He Backed Masterson, He Said, “i Hesitate to Say that I Never Saw Any of That Behavior Because I Feel Like It Sounds Like I’m Defending Him.”

Grace also responded that He Had Never Seen What Masterson Was Accused of Because He Never Went to One of The Parties After the Show with The Other Cast Members. The actor Also Said that He Was “boring” Compared to His Old Co-Stars.

What Other Actors Have Said About “That ’70s Show”

what topher grace says about that 70s show now

That ’70s Show Wasn’t Fun for Everyone on The Group.

Many of The Actors Who Used to Be on That ’70s Show Have Moved on Since Then, but Not Before Revealing Some Things About Their Time on The Show. For example, Prepon, Who Had a Lot of Scenes with Grace, Said that She Had Bulimia While She Was Playing Donna.

In an interview with People in 2020, the Actor Even Said That She Had Two Sets of Clothes on Set Because Her Weight Would Change. Good News Is that Prepon’s Health Has Gotten Better Since Then.

Wilmer Valderrama, Who Played Fez on The Show, Has Been Attacked Over the Years for The Accent He Used for The Part. in 2021, the Star Talked About the Problem on Today, Saying that He Chose to Mix Languages for The Character Fez Because No One Knew Where He Was From. This Meant that Valderrama Could “be a Little Bit of Everyone.”

Other People Who Used to Work with Grace Have Been Involved in The Masterson Scandal Over the Years. for Example, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, Who Have Been Close with Masterson for Years, Wrote Character Letters to The Judge in The Case Hoping that Their Statements Would Be Taken Into Account when The Actor Was Sentenced. Masterson Was Given a Sentence of 30 Years to Life in Prison, and His Wife Bijou Phillips Left Him.

On the Other Hand, Kutcher and Kunis Both Got Bad Feedback when Their Character Letters Were Made Public. the Hollywood Couple Has Since Released a Video Saying Sorry to Everyone They Hurt by Writing Those Letters. Kunis Also Seemed to Have Said Bad Things About Topher in The Past, Which Fans Didn’t Like.

Kutcher and Kunis Were Not the Only Ones Who Wrote Letters of Support for Masterson. Their Two Other Co-Stars, Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp, Did Too. Prepon Hasn’t Said Anything About the Issue in Public.

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